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Hello, an EC Engineer from Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata here. I am in love with IoT and Robotics as I have spent hours working on on them, while Research and Teaching have also been my priorities. Currently serving as Front-End Developer at TCS, Kolkata.
I have led the IEEE Student Chapter of my college and have conducted various Technical activities under my leadership.
Was a professional teacher for Unacademy teaching Electronics. Also taught to underpivileged kids for the Rotaract Club of my Institute.

Being a good human is my first while learning from yesterday isn't among the last.

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My Achievements

A gallery of few of the things I have done so far.

Bronze Medalist in ECE

Outstanding IEEE Volunteer 2019

Chairman at IEEE HITK SB

Top 3000 Startups in India

4th in India at Hackabit

Judges' Favourite Globally

Top 15 in India at Sankalp

First Conference Paper

My Skills

Qualities that I have gathered over time and feel proud to decorate the shelf.
Had keen interest in chasing the field as just not professon but passion.

Web Dev

Starting from Frontend with Angular and Backend Technologies with Python are my daily routine.

Nano-Device Modelling

Have developed quite a few projects and publications in the area of device modelling & simulation.


From my high school, I developed a passion for teaching professionally and also as a social service.


Have made several projects on the topics of IoT which have gained national and international acclaim.

Experience Performa

Internships, Research activities and Current Work Performas.


Start Date : 10 Jun'19

Position : Front End Developer

I am working as a DevOps Engineer focussing on mainly the Front End Development. Angular is the main software used for the project frontend.
Developed fully functional responsive prototypes based on Business Requirements using Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.
Gained exposure in full life-cycle implementation with skills in executing Sofware Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in compliance to quality control.
Gained exposure in end-to-end development of software products, from requirement analysis to designing, coding and testing Integrated software components into a fully functional software system.
Modified existing software to correct errors, upgrade interfaces and improve performance apart from working in building fully new modules.

Visit/Reference : www.tcs.com

Research Paper

Comparative Study of Variations in Gate Oxide Material of a Novel Underlap DG MOS-HEMT for Analog/RF and High Power Applications

In this paper an Underlap Double Gate (U-DG) Symmetric Heterojunction AlGaN/GaN Metal Oxide Semiconductor High Electron Mobility Transistor (MOS-HEMT) with gate oxide materials of different dielectric constant has been studied using gate oxide materials such as Hafnium dioxide (HfO2), Silicon dioxide (SiO2) and a symmetric gate stack (GS) of HfO2-SiO2. In this work, the analog performance of the devices has been studied on the basis of parameters like transconductance (gm), transconductance generation factor (gm/ID) and intrinsic gain (gmR0). This paper depicts the effect of varying oxide materials on the analog and RF figure of merits (FOMs) such as the gate to drain capacitance (CGD), gate to source capacitance (CGS) and total gate capacitance (CGG), intrinsic resistances, cut-off frequency (fT) and maximum frequency of oscillation (fMAX) using non-quasi-static approach. Studies show that the introduction of a gate oxide layer in the MOS-HEMT device increases the gate controllability reducing gate leakage currents improving RF performance. U-DG AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMT with HfO2 gate dielectric shows superior Power output efficiency (POE) of 55% compared to the HfO2-SiO2 composite structure and SiO2 with 26% and 20% respectively.

Research Paper

Influence of Channel Thickness on Analog and RF Performance Enhancement of an Underlap DG AlGaN/GaN based MOS-HEMT Device

This paper elucidates a comprehensive, illustrative and qualitative study on the Analog and RF performance of an Underlapped Double-Gate (U-DG) AlGaN/GaN heterojunction-based MOS-HEMT device with Hafnium-based high-k dielectric gate material. This paper presents the effect of GaN channel thickness variation on the drain current (I d ), the transconductance (g m ), output resistance (RO), the intrinsic gain (g m R o ), transconductance generation factor (g m /I d ) and the RF FOMstotal intrinsic gate capacitance (C gg ) and cut-off frequency (fτ). These hetero-structured devices show superior performance as power transistors due to its enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliability and controllability over silicon based conventional DG-MOS and HEMT transistors.


Start Date : 18 Jul'19

Position : IoT Advisor

Have been advising young students and interns about the basics of Internet of Things and have developed several projects on the same.

Visit/Reference : www.mindwebs.org


Start Date : 1 June'18    End Date : 1 July'18

Position : Electronics Design Intern

I was an Intern at the eCOE of Bhubaneswar where I learnt VLSI Design and Layout using Tanner tools. Also learnt about FPGA Designing using Verilog.


Start Date : 14 May'17    End Date : 28 May'17

Position : Vocational Trainee

I was a trainee at the Electronics Department at the Airports Authority of India Kolkata where I learnt about all the Electronic Systems in and around the airport including X-Ray Scanning Systems, CCTV Systems, Flight Monitoring Systems etc

Visit/Reference : Airports Authority of India


Start Date : 1 Apr'18    End Date : 31 Aug'18

Position : Educator

I was an Electronics Online Educator for Unacademy and have made over 100+ course videos with more than 1300 minutes of course content.

Visit/Reference : Unacademy


Start Date : 1 Jan'19    End Date : 29 Mar'19

Position : Front End Developer Intern

I was appointed an as Intern in a Development Project where I learnt about the basics of Web Development. Worked on API Gateway Generator using Angular and Flask.

Visit/Reference : www.tcs.com


Start Date : 1 Jan'19    End Date : 29 Mar'19

Position : Manchine Learning Intern

I worked on Python and used NLP to complete the project 'Contextual Chatbot'.

Visit/Reference : www.tcs.com


Acclaim :
Capgemini Global AI Hackathon: Judges' Favourite
BIT Mesra National Hackabit 2018: 4th Position
Sankalp Solar Harvesting Hackathon: Top 15 in India
IIM Calcutta Innovation Park Smart Fifty: Top 3000 start-ups in India

Abstract :
SunChargers is a Solar Charged Street Automation Product which packs features like Solar Tracking, Automatic Fault Detection and Alert, Light Intensity Controlling and Solar Powered Car Charging Station along with SOS Features and Traffic Mapping System.

Visit/Reference : Video Demonstration


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Solar Charged Street Automation Product

8-Bit Microprocessor

Using Field Programmable Gate Array

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